Saturday, July 26, 2008

Help get SBIR reauthorized!

"Hi y'all! This is my inaugural blog posting! I'm new at blogging, but not new to the SBIR world, having been involved with it since the mid 80s, shortly after it began.

I'm hoping to get some spirited conversation going here, and hopefully convey some useful information to SBIR applicants and awardees.

The big issue at the moment is the SBIR reauthorization bill currently being worked by the Senate. The House passed a real dog of a bill, and fortunately, the Senate declared it DOA. Something must be done by September 30th, or SBIR will die, so time is short.

For the most up-to-date reauthorization info, check out The SBIR Gateway, where my friend Rick Shindell is doing a great job of keeping up with everything.

If you have an opinion on this important issue (and you should!), Jere Glover (SBIR's strongest advocate in DC) at the SBTC has some good templates for letting your Senators and Representatives know how you feel.

Leave a comment (click on the "comments" link below) and get involved today! More later...

Fred Patterson
The SBIR Coach ®

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