Monday, September 29, 2008

SBIR Coach to speak at Dallas Nanotech event this week

I've neglected my Blog this month. No excuses, other than having been exceptionally busy helping clients prepare DOD Phase I and Phase II proposals and dodging Hurricane Ike. I promise to be more prolific in October.

I'll be a speaker at the NanoTX'08 Conference and Expo to be held this week in Dallas. My talk will highlight (surprise!) SBIR opportunities for nanotechnology development. I'll also be on two Panels, one for Nanotech Investment Issues and another on Nanotech Workforce Issues. If you'd like copies of any of my presentations, just send me an email.

With the Wall Street turmoil of the past couple of weeks, it's a darned good thing that the extention of the SBIR Program to next March was accomplished. There's no way that our esteemed Congressional officials would have paid any attention to what small businesses needed when big businesses were teetering on the brink!

I'll get back to SBIR technology transition to commercialization issues soon. Promise. If any of you who read this have some questions or issues you'd like me to address, let me hear about them, either in a comment here, or an email to me.


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