Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Official - SBIR Reauthorized with the signing of HR.1540

On New Year's Eve, just as 2011 was running out, President Obama signed HR.1540, the bill that contains the SBIR reauthorization provisions, into law. Whew! Not that I thought he wouldn't, but...

Here's the White House Press Release on the signing: . SBIR wasn't mentioned, of course. Sigh...

I do want to read the bill that was signed, just to make sure no Federal Agency sneakily weaseled out of their SBIR obligation. Not that I'd think that any of them would be so callous as to do that, but...

The next step if for the SBA to revise the Policy Directive to incorporate the changes into policies for the Agencies to administer. We're going to help them with that. They have 180 days to get the revision done, but we'd like to see it done a whole lot faster - especially since some of the provisions (e.g., eligibility) must be implemented within 120 days!!

The coordination of that help will be through the Small Business Technology Council (SBTC), an arm of the National Small Business Association (NSBA). Jere Glover, Executive Director of the SBTC, will be at the point. White papers will be submitted to each Agency with suggestions for productive implementation.

If you'd like to get involved, especially with regard to a particular Agency with whom you do (or would like to do) business, join one of the committees being formed by (a) joining the SBTC, and (b) contacting Alec Orban ( at the SBTC and letting him know of your interest.

[Note: it's not necessary to join the SBTC to get involved, but it's the right thing to do. They are the voice of the SBIR advocacy in DC. Please support them.]

I will be making the rounds on the lecture circuit during 2012, talking about capitalizing on non-dilutive funding opportunities via strategic implementation of the new SBIR and STTR laws and policies. If you'd like to arrange to have me speak to your organization, please contact Brenda Keefer ( at Willow Mist Professional Services to discuss details.

My SBIR Coach's Newsletters for 2012 will focus on the new SBIR/STTR Laws and Policies, so be sure to subscribe. They're free, of course.

Well, at this point, all that's left is to wish you a ...

Fred Patterson - The SBIR Coach®



Green World said...

Very interesting. I'd been doing research on this program and had wondered if it also apples to foreign citizens (UK) living in the US?

- Fred Patterson - said...

SBIR rules require that the small business receiving the grant be owned in majority by US citizens (or legal resident aliens) and that all work be done in the US. However, those who work on the project in the US, including the PI, can be a citizen of another country with a legal right-to-work visa (such as an H1B). Note that some agencies (such as DOD) sometimes do put citizenship restrictions on who may work on a project for security reasons.

Russell Cox said...

Hi Fred,

I am very glad to see you are doing well and still working.

We have PI who is a US citizen and is temperately living in London. All of the other team members would be in the US.

We would like to propose for DARPA 122-009. There do not seem to be any security restrictions on this topic.

Do you think we we could make this work?

- Fred Patterson - said...

Hi Russell,

There are two requirements that make this situation problematic. The first is that the PI must be an employee of the appplicant company and not principally employed elsewhere. [Reference: current SBIR Policy Directive, Section 6(a)(4)] Another requirement is that SBIR work be done in the US. [Reference: current SBIR Policy Directive, Section 6(a)(5)] The DARPA Program Manager can make an exception for either of these conditions for special circumstances. If you can satisfy both of these requirements (or get exceptions), you can make this work.